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Pablo Seminario

Pablo Seminario has created his own "Seminario Style" while giving life to the ceramic traditions of the Pre-Columbian cultures of Peru. His utilitarian pieces, made of local red clay, each bear the influence of history, yet are at home in the modern world. The often-fanciful symbols decorating this earthy line of ceramics frequently represent nature, and have a way of touching one's spirit. His mugs, jars, plates, vases, bowls, mirrors could easily be part of any household giving it a unique touch. Pablo also makes exquisite furniture and jewelry. I love everything he creates.


I first met Pablo Seminario and his wife Marilu in the fall of 2002. I went to their beautiful workshop/store/home in Urubamba located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Pablo is a shy and humble man not spoiled a bit by his success. Marilu has a warm, friendly, bubbling personality. She supports Pablo in his work as well as in their everyday life. 

Pablo finished his bachelor's degree in architecture in Lima in 1979 and the same year he moved to Cusco where he met Marilu. Although he worked as an architect, selling and implementing architectural project, Pablo's true passion was for ceramics. He and Marilu started to produce ceramics, selling their work at the Pisac and Cusco markets. It took years of their patience, strong faith and never-ending persistence before they started to be successful.

Few years ago The Field Museum in Chicago purchased several pieces of his artwork.